Urban Media

Urban Media needed a videographer to create some “how-to” videos for a client’s website. We called in Abhi Arumbakkam to help us put them together. Abhi showed up on time, was very professional and we got what we needed much more quickly than expected. The experience was painless and the result was more than satisfactory.

The best testimonial that we can give, with the best evidence, is that we have asked Abhi to work with another client, and have also asked her to build a group of testimonial videos for Urban Media. Her directorial/screenwriting input on our testimonials was outstanding. We are now telling stories (from both the client’s and our perspective) about how we helped clients, rather than just having someone say we did a good job.

Well done, Abhi (if she can make me look good in those videos, VERY well done!)

– Jim Hetzel, SEO Lead, Urban Media