University of Southampton MBA

Who better than the current crop of students to endorse the institution where they are studying? University of Southampton MBA School commissioned this video to showcase what they have to offer. And it serves as a great testament to the work they do.

Allwyn Sanger Solicitors

Sell the problems you solve not the product, goes the adage. When Windsor-based solicitors Allwyn Sanger wanted to showcase their work, I suggested that they get their clients whose issues they have resolved to endorse their work instead. I think it works, don’t you think?

Fearless Putting

Stuart Holcroft is a performance director and he wanted to showcase how he can turn his clients’ lives around. We worked together on a number of strong opening lines and decided on one which packed a punch. What do you think?

ISCA Graduation 

The International School Of Creative Arts was having a graduation ceremony for its students and wanted to capture the flavour of the afternoon. Here’s a two minute sliver.

True Tone Aesthetics

Features tell, benefits sell. In this case study video, we see how Dr Simran Deo of True Tone Aesthetics removed a client’s sun spots and gave her the confidence to be the face of her business. So much better than just blithely talking about what’s on offer, don’t you think?

Little Blues Nursery School

I pitched two ideas to Little Blues Nursery School. One was about what building blocks the nursery offered to set the kids off to a sound start in life. And the other was a more documentary style promo with the kids explaining what they had just done. The results are below.

British Naturism

British Naturism is organising the Great British Skinny Dip in September 2016. And here’s the video they commissioned me to make.

ISCA – Zandra Rhodes & Jimmy Choo Masterclass

The International School of Creative Arts invited me back to film British fashion icon Dame Zandra Rhodes and the school’s honorary president Jimmy Choo interacting with their students.

Phoenix Rugby Club

Phoenix Rugby was on a recruitment drive for new players. The video was to show what they do at training and on match days, so more could join them.

ISCA – Jimmy Choo Masterclass

Shoe designer Jimmy Choo is an honorary president at the International School of Creative Arts. And here he is giving a masterclass to their students.

ISCA – Testimonials 

The International School of Creative Arts wanted to showcase what they have to offer potential students. And who better to endorse their facilities than their students?


Monitran MTN 5000 is a niche product and this video was to introduce it to potential users.

Destiny Support

A small local social enterprise that is punching above its weight in terms of the impact it has on its clientele. They commissioned me to capture their story.

Lisa Talbot – Stylist 

Lisa Talbot is an award-winning personal stylist based in the South of England. It was not difficult to make her look good, as you can see from this promo. And because she spoke straight-from-the-heart about her work, I offered three shorter edits for her to use to promote her work.

Farr & Pursey – Equine Vets

Farr & Pursey are an Equine Veterinary practice based in Hertfordshire. I wanted to showcase three of the key aspects of their service namely – mobile vet practice, friendly and professional and their round-the-clock service. Hence three one-minute videos rather than one three-minute video. I also scripted these promos.

Sittingwell Cushion – Crowdfunding Video

Lorna Kennard and Rachael Wall will soon be launching their crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to produce the back cushion they have developed. Based on my own experience from running an unsuccessful crowdfunding campaign, I suggested ways to  improve their chances at success and made this video for them.

Wellness And You

Wellness And You works with employers to improve the wellbeing of staff leading to healthy, happy and productive workplaces.

Phoenix Cricket Club

Phoenix Cricket Club provides the perfect excuse to indulge in a bit of competitive fun with friends before succumbing to the lure of the bar. They wanted to attract new members to come and give their friendly club a go.

Be Happy Nursery

Be Happy nursery provides a joyful, stimulating environment for the children who attend its sessions. Their brief was to create a promo video that captured its spirit and this 90-seconder does just that. Watch out for the little bee that buzzes around.


Daughter Of The Soil (Or D.O.T.S) is an ambitious, ethical start up that offers luxurious skin care products that have been made with a view to empower those who helped produce it.


This is the story of eDivert – a Maidenhead-based company that specialises in virtual personal assistant services.

Norden Farm

Every year Maidenhead’s Norden Farm organise a Lantern making workshops for the entire community which culminates in a colourful parade around the town. Here’s what happened in 2014.

Just Because CaKes

Video profile of a cake-maker whose painstaking efforts are only matched by the exquisite results they yield.