How do you move forward when events from a distant past continue to cast their grim shadow on the present? Can breaking the silence ever bring a much longed for quietude? Voicing Silence is one woman’s attempt to find her words that have remained muted for so long.

Written and narrated by: Abhi Arumbakkam

Animation & Edit: Lucy Lee

Produced by: Abhi Arumbakkam

My recollections on seeing a photograph of my maternal grandmother for the first time and wondering who the young woman in the photo I am so closely related to was.

“This is a terrific film…the whole construction shows great maturity and a brilliant awareness of storytelling technique.”

-Editor, 4docs (

Profile of fourteen year old Joanne who competes in arm-wrestling competitions. This video was shot in collaboration with Lucy Lee.

A journey following three mentally-ill women who, since their recovery, are being taken back home. Edited by Lucy Lee.

Azhwar has been selling books from his roadside shop for decades but now the local authorities don’t want him there.

“…beguiling!” – Editor, 4docs

A drum maker whose family has been perfecting the art over five generations talks about his craft.

“…a near perfect example (of a process film)” – Editor, 4docs

Prochy recalls her life over the last 45 years since she moved to Britain from India as a new bride.

“…an increasingly valuable document.” – Editor, 4docs

Profile of clarinet player John Rolls – a stalwart of the Slough Jazz scene. Commissioned by Beat Excavation project.

A 59-second snapshot of ninety-one year old.