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An Advent Calendar Of Videos 5

GoPro have access to some of the world’s best action footage. From base jumping to ice diving, their cameras manage to capture some thrilling adventurous action from a vantage point. And yet, when GoPro were launching a new range of cameras called Hero, they chose some unusual action sequence to promote them. Not the pluse-racing, mind-blowing sort but instead they were tender, heartbreaking sequences.

In today’s Advent calendar video, a fireman goes in to rescue someone and the action unfolds from his point of view. The short video is bookended by the branding but that apart, there is no mention of the camera. Unlike the British Airways promo, the product here plays no role in the action other than to capture it as it plays out. The product is not the hero, it is not an aide but a mere witness to what has transpired. It is pretty daring to step away from the obvious high voltage action to low key action moments. It whispers when it could have shouted and that is powerful.


Cross posted on my Linkedin page. Header image is a screen grab from GoPro promo.

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