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An Advent Calendar Of Videos 3

It is the season to spend and much of this year’s Christmas gifts would sooner or later, end up in a landfill we’d rather not think about. Landfill Harmonic is a project in Paraguay which creates musical instruments out of the rubbish found in a landfill which are then used by children who live locally. I had the opportunity to hear them play at a social investment conference in Amsterdam a few years ago.

Meeting with the young people of the orchestra before their concert and watching them tune their instruments, I saw how they treated their instruments no different to how you would a ‘regular’ violin or a cello. And what makes this orchestra so different is as much the people playing it as the the tools of their trade. Ecoutez!

This was cross posted on my Linkedin page. Header image is a screen grab from Landfill Harmonic – the Recycled Orchestra

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