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An Advent Calendar Of Videos 2

Behind today’s advent calendar door is a particularly favourite promotional video. If like me, you are living thousands of miles away from home, this video will find greater resonance.

Notice how there’s not a single shot of the aeroplane (okay, there’s a fleeting shot of a flight), there’s no mention of the prices, the comfort or the service. All there is, is a good story well told. And the brand is a mere device that allows the hero of the story to reach his goal.

At nearly five minutes long, this video bucks the trend of short form story telling. It challenges the notion that online audience have limited attention span. It believes that good stories take time and so rolls it out gradually. Also noteworthy is how they delay the ‘money shot’ till the very end. You only hear what’s going (at 04.17) and the audience has already seen it in their mind’s eye before it’s played at the very end.

An the two words that carry the entire heft of this video are not ‘British’ and ‘Airways’ but ‘Visit Mum’. Regardez!

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