We Need New Stories

Starbucks. Who’d have thought they’d have a good story to tell. But they do. At a time, when people are increasingly looking for good news stories, for stories that shine a light of possibility in a timeline that is filled with pessimism and foretells of gloom, Starbucks have showcased humanity and its infinite capacity for compassion in a series of web stories called Upstanders.

Rather than peddling coffee, Starbucks has aligned itself with those who have stood up for kindness in times of strife, for ingenuity when they saw an opportunity, for hope when there was despair.

And it works brilliantly for the brand. There is not a single shot of the coffeeshop. Not a latte in sight. But what we see are fantastic stories that engages you from the very beginning. They leave you feeling favourably towards the brand. So much so that I am almost tempted to find a Starbucks and order a coffee. Here is my favourite from the series.

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