Video Blogs – On The Shoot

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Shoot with Jimmy ChooSo you have decided on a subject to shoot and have done the necessary preparations. Now it’s time to shoot. If you are going to film yourself, do look at the framing and appearance and try a few alternatives to see what looks better. But don’t worry too much about framing and angles as professional looking shots will look forced and will take away from the authenticity of freestyle video blogs. That said, I’d highly recommend using a tripod to avoid shakes.

If you are filming someone else, be prepared to react to what they are saying or what is happening. Most importantly, don’t assume that the subject has to be on the screen all the time. Make the viewing interesting for your audience by filming shots that illustrate the story.

So if your subject mentions something during their interview, films shots that capture what is being said later. These shots can be added to the video while editing. A program like Moviemaker will allow you to edit the files easily. Play around with it to see what works.

Finally, remember that this is a visual medium, so as much as possible, show, don’t tell. In the next blog, a few suggested equipments and some tips to improve video blogs.

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