Video Blogs – What To Shoot

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You don’t need a great big kit to shoot a video blog. I’m just showing off.

In this series of posts, I thought I’d touch upon video blogs that you can add to the website of any small business to create fresh, engaging content. And whenever I mention adding a video diary to someone’s website, they ask, ‘but what do I shoot?’

What sets video blogs (I will continue to call them that as vlog is onomatopoeiac and it’s the sound my son makes when he is sick on long car journeys) apart from other forms of videos is that it is a very personal take on the world and not intended to be journalistic or even, perfect. So what can be a good subject for a video blog for a micro business?

The subject can vary hugely but stick to what you care about. Video blogs do not all have to be serious to be affecting. But something that captures the minutiae of everyday work can be fascinating, funny and engaging. Let’s say, you are a personal trainer. You could do a series of video blogs on the top ten exercises people do incorrectly. And you could show how they could do it right.

Perhaps you are a photographer who has just bought a new piece of kit. Explain what it does and do a brief review of it. Don’t worry about getting it spot on. The important thing to remember is to be authentic and to be yourself.

Perhaps you have a business which does not lend itself well to ‘showing’. May be you are an accountant and let’s face it, a series of XL sheets is not going to look great. Then why not get one of your clients who you’ve helped through some tricky issues (if they are willing to attest for your services without divulging too much). This way you have shown what problems you solve which is always a great way of promoting your services.

In the next post, I’ll write about how to prepare for a shoot. If you have any questions, please comment below.

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