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It Depends…

At a recent presentation (image courtesy: Paola Merlassino)

You may recall my dilemma about pricing and value some weeks ago. Unfortunately for me, when someone asked me for my prices while out networking recently, I had not read growth expert Amanda Downs‘ excellent booklet on pricing mindset mistakes. And I made nearly all of the following mistakes that she says we make while talking about pricing:


  1.  Assuming that people buy on pricing. Whereas it’s more about value that people buy on.
  2. Selling on features and not on benefits.
  3. Talking prices too early
  4. Assuming an objection means a discount and
  5. Having naked price rise

But once I had read the booklet, I was bit more prepared to answer when confronted with the question about my prices. This time, the question came from a member of the audience when I was making a presentation. And I must confess, it was not easy speaking with conviction about what I charge to shoot a promotional video.

I had to swallow the apology that rose to my throat before I named a price. I had to swallow once again so as to not mention it too early. I had shown a sample of my work which I hoped would convince them of the value of what I was offering. Still, the person who asked the question was waiting for an answer and I had to say something.

I cleared my throat and mustered a “It depends…” before elaborating on how I go about working on a project. That seemed to satisfy them, I made a mental note to take the conversation further with them in private and moved on to the next question.

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