A Question Of Answers


I wonder if the term ‘coaching’ in the context of supporting someone with their life or career goals is a bit of a misnomer. Because to me, it recalls to mind strict regimens and exercise plans that need to be adhered to. Not to mention the fact that when I hear the word coach, I see someone in PE shorts with a whistle around their neck. My reservations about the title apart, I think some of the best business or life coaches do not train you as much as let you figure out what you really want or what is holding you back. Not so much a teacher as a reminder, a cobweb clearer, a signposter.

And I had the good fortune of meeting such a coach (we’ll stick to that terminology until I can think of a better one) in Christina Garidi of Eudaimonia Coaching recently. Christina is of Greek-Japanese origin and it is no surprise that she draws heavily on these influences to peel away layers of fog clogging her client’s minds. She ask questions, rarely intrusive but always open-ended. They gently probe, teasing open options for her clients to explore themselves.

Christina lets you believe that all answers are within and her job is to facilitate their gradual unravelling. If you are at a transit point in your life, career or business, you would do well to speak to her. She poses more questions than answers and we all need someone who challenges us every now and then.

One Comment

  • Abhi you have captured the experience of coaching with Christina to a T. Christina makes the coaching an adventure into hidden woods and fog. I’m looking forward to the journey. That our paths cross again is also exciting. What a wonderful world we live in as we work out our paths and signs.

    All the best

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