Take The Donut

A hazy photo from the reading

In her book The Art Of Asking, musician Amanda Palmer argues that often we just can’t see what we do as important enough to merit the help, the love. And therefore we struggle when it is forthcoming. She urges artists to take all the help that comes their way freely, willingly, unquestioningly.

I was lucky enough to be shown such affection from my dear friends recently when so many of them turned up to watch a near sell-out rehearsed reading of my play. They brought their friends and partners with them. They whooped and cheered and laughed in the right places. They wrote mails and texts of congratulation after. They brought flowers for the playwright. My friends left me touched and overwhelmed.

I thanked them again and again. And at some point, I remembered Amanda Palmer’s words and decided to take what was offered to me. Not question it. Not dissect it. Not challenge it. Not fight it. I simply accepted what my friends gave me. And delighted in their gesture. I took the bloody donut*. And it tasted good.

*reasons as to why ‘donut’ explained here

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