The Curse Of Mumpreneur

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mumI had an appointment with my mumtor the other day. The plane I took on my last holiday was flown by a mumlot. My favourite restaurant has a new mumef. You get the idea. Few professions feel the need add their family status to their job title except entrepreneurs. Behold the Mumpreneur. She is upon us like a rash but is worn like a badge.

Apparently the term mumpreneur was coined after a survey found a surge of new mums starting businesses. So why do women entrepreneurs feel the need to identify with this term?  Is it because they want to show that their priority will always be their kids? Is it to warn anyone against asking for a meeting that’s not during school hours or during school holidays? To tell others of their ability to procreate while still running a business? And how long does one get to keep this title? What happens when the kids fly the nest? Or turn adults? Why are there no dadpreneurs? Or grandpreneurs? Or auntpreneurs? Or stepreneurs? Or singleparentpreneurs?

And while we are at it, why stop at adding fecundity to job titles? Why not prefix with sexuality? Why not lespreneurs? Or gaypreneurs? Or bipreneurs?

The interesting thing is that at a time when terms like ‘actor’ have come to denote both sexes, there is a group of us that want to add more labels that restrict and define what we do. I recently came across this astonishing and appalling fact – among the CEOs of FTSE 100 companies, there are fewer women than there are men named John.

Now tell me, is it better to fight for a level playing field for women or to attach patronising labels to ourselves that suggest that we are only doing this to keep ourselves busy while the kids are at school?

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