India Diary – A Natural Networker

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As a child whenever I went out somewhere with my mum, I would complain about how she would stop and chat with anyone she knew on her way. And that would be nearly every few steps. As a result, if it normally took me 10 minutes to get to the shops from home, with my mum, that would be the best part of half-an-hour. What I didn’t realise back then was that that was how my mother built her network. So whenever people needed someone reliable, and very often it was a spouse for their offspring, they would ask my mother.

Years ago, a neighbour mentioned to her that she was looking for a bride for her son. And not long thereafter, a distant relative wondered if my mother knew of a suitable boy for her grand-daughter. My mother put the two parties in touch with each other and that resulted in a happy union. These days, the couple have two children and live happily in America.

That’s just one of the dozens of marriages that my mother has helped engineer. She does not belong to any networking organisation, she just talks and listens and connects, organically.

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