India Diary – Vallab

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Vallabh demonstrates how to do a single hand plank
Vallab demonstrates how to do a single hand plank

Vallab had been out on a 100km, late night bike ride and had returned just a couple of hours before the 5am start of his fitness class this morning. The long night didn’t seem to have affected his energy levels one bit as he put us participants through a punishing routine.

A trained physio, Vallab used to treat patients injured in sport and exercise through incorrect training. He’d watch them recover and then injure themselves again and return to his clinic. It got him thinking about teaching them the right way to exercise and engage in sports. So about three years ago, he started offering personal training classes which has today grown largely through word-of-mouth referrals. These days he runs early morning classes in two different locations in the city. The one I attended happens to be on a quiet by lane, just minutes away from the beach.

I had forgotten what it was like to exercise in such humid conditions that, just minutes into the routine, I was drenched in sweat. But Vallab’s enthusiasm was infectious and it sustained the motley group through the session. Several of those in attendance at today’s core workout routine were training for a 200km bike ride this weekend. And over a post-work out tea, Vallab who was familiar with the route, offered handy tips on how to complete the course without burning out. I thanked him for a fantastic work out and walked away on an endorphin high.

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