Lessons From An Unsuccessful Crowdfunding Campaign


burnham advertiser In 2013, as one half of a social enterprise duo, I decided to attempt to raise funds for a solar panel. Our sewing unit in India at that time was suffering crippling power cuts and solar panels would have helped combat the situation enormously. My colleague and I had researched various websites and settled on Start Some Good. 

We commissioned someone to make a video detailing the issue currently facing our unit and how it can be rectified. We gave a breakdown of our costs and decided on various gifts for the donors. We approached our campaign with a lot of excitement mixed with trepidation. But after the first week our enthusiasm waned and our repeated emails to our supporters became desperate, even to our own ears.

Feeling increasingly awkward about asking people for help, we let things slide. And when the month long campaign gave up its last breathe, it wasn’t the only one heaving a sigh of relief. In the end we had raised £1027 of our total £6600 sum total.

Looking back, there are several reasons why our campaign failed. And in the next post or two, I will try and explore the reasons for our failure and how we could done it better.

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