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With Lucy Lee and our respective kids
With Lucy Lee and our respective kids

I first met Lucy Lee over 10 years ago when I was looking for someone to collaborate with and Dom Oliver of Resource Productions introduced me to her. Lucy is a very highly decorated animator and a graduate from the renowned National Film & TV School. I was immediately struck by how lightly she wore her achievements, almost as if she was embarrassed of it. We worked together on a short documentary and our friendship was cemented.

In the intervening years, Lucy and I have been part of training courses, funding applications, have become mothers, hatched plans for businesses, shelved those plans, reworked them again and been through an entire gamut of change. But what’s more, we’ve remained friends throughout.

So when I began making promos, it was natural that I would offer clients the option of animation in their video. Which is exactly happened when I did a promo for Be Happy Preschool recently. And the clients loved the resulting video which includes a lovely little animated sequence .

You can see the promo below. It’s a buzzing little piece, don’t you think?


  • Thank you Abhi, its a beautiful video, no wonder they are thrilled with it. The shots are perfect, the edit is touching, the film is a poetic promo. You are very talented. Many more to come.

  • Thanks, Lucy. It is a delight and an honour to work with someone as gifted as you. Here’s to many, many more!

  • How good to hear from you, Riffat and so glad you liked it. I’ll drop you a line so we can arrange to meet for a coffee and talk about what you’d like. 🙂

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