Eager Beaver

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BeaversThere are few occasions when I feel more energised than the times I spend in the company of children and young people. I often help out at our Scout group which my children attend. I am also the Secretary of their Managing Committee.

I am lucky to freelance with an organisation where I run workshops for young people. And being part of the community as a volunteer gives me an opportunity to interact with children and learn from their unbridled enthusiasm and abundant curiosity in a manner that can never be rivalled.

For instance, last night our Beaver colony went for a stroll along the river Thames which ended with them running ragged in a play area and tucking into a small portion of chips each. The questions and conversations that I was privy on our walks would leave the best minds in the world buzzing. I was told stories of wizards, taught to spot dogwood leaves and informed of pets that had not died but had gone to live with relatives in far away places.

And for my part, I helped the Beavers hang from too-high playground equipment, push their swings while they bit into chips and topped up their drinks when they were thirsty.

So if you are feeling ragged around the edges, I suggest you spend a little time in the company of some children and young people. Their joyous energies have a funny way of being contagious.

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