Lessons From Climbing


climbing“Slow, deliberate movements as opposed to jerky, rapid scramble would ensure sure-footed consistent progress”. Not the words of a business guru but those of my climbing instructor. I am doing a 4-week climbing course as part of my plan to learn something new every year (I have so far learnt to row and to sew – no, not together, mind).

I have never been particularly sporty and doing something like this awakens my brain out of its auto-pilot slumber. When I learn, all my faculties are completely engaged and alert and I feel throbbingly alive. As I climb up a sheer wall, I am constantly scanning to assess where I can hold while looking down to see where I am at and where I can move my feet to. This process of regularly checking to note the path trodden and the one to scale, leaves me tethered firmly to the present.

Last night as I listened to the expert talk to our motley group of climbing enthusiasts, I realised that these lessons from climbing may well be applicable to anyone running their own business. After all, aren’t measured movements better than a clueless, blind ascent?

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