The Price Of Loose Comments

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At a recent networking meeting, one of the members, while giving a referral to another said this (and I paraphrase) – ‘I am still trying to convince my wife about your services. A kick and a few blows and she will be come around to it’.

There was a fleeting moment of shock and a few sharp breaths around the room as soon as the words were uttered. But that quickly gave way to nervous titters before we (mercifully!) moved on to the next person.

Clearly the remark was made in jest and intended as such. It is the sort of comment that might get made while out for drinks with one’s mates at a pub. But was it appropriate to say it while simultaneously trying to sell one’s services?

These back chats and comebacks often say more about the person than their carefully constructed sales spiels. Did a throw away line like the one above warm me towards the person saying it? Only in the same way as one would be charmed by a blood hound that has has just snarled at me. Was I likely to refer his services? Not remotely.

In the few weeks since the wisecrack, I have forgotten the gentleman’s name and his business, but I can very nearly quote him verbatim. And that cannot be a good thing.

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