A Most Unlikely Network

Bisham AbbeyOf all the places I go to network, the one in a now-disused monastery dating back to the 12th century on the banks of the Thames has to be the most distinguished. Every month, Bisham chapter of Business Biscotti meet at the gorgeous Bisham Abbey. So while a motley crowd of graphic designers and solicitors and marketing consultants gather to exchange cards and politely wonder about each other’s business, all the time sipping coffee and munching on the eponymous biscotti, I cannot but wonder what the monks of yore would have thought about our pursuits.

Would they have approved of it? Frowned upon our interminglings? Or would have nodded in our direction, raised an eyebrow at our heathen purposes and carried on with their own higher calling? I look up at the vaulted ceilings and then down at my cup of tea growing cold in my hand. My biscotti is as yet unmunched and my card remains resolutely heavy my pocket. I dunk the biscuit, drown the drink, fish out the card and go find the next person in the room to ask, ‘so, what do you do?’.

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