The Importance Of Saying No

This week’s lesson was in the art of saying no politely and assertively.

Recently I was asked if I could do more work for the same price I had quoted and I had to decline the opportunity. It took me a week to come to the decision but when I played back in my mind, the conversation from my meeting, I felt that it was decidedly lopsided against me. I had no bargaining power and my requests to meet in the middle ground were I felt, not considered.

So I left the meeting requesting for some time to mull it over. I wrote down the pros and cons of accepting a compromised job offer. I wondered if I would end up doing more (much more) than what was asked of me as I would not have been able to send a less-than-satisfactory piece of work to the client. I would not have been able to draw a line and say ‘Okay, that’s it. That’s enough work for the money I am getting paid’. I would have tried and tried harder.

But was I fool to turn down work at this stage given that this was a repeat client? After all, it could have opened more door and added to my portfolio of work. Isn’t that crucial too? Perhaps.

In the end I decided that I cannot sell my services short and it was not an easy decision to take. But I certain it was the right thing to do.

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