This Girl Can

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Have you seen the latest Sport England campaign that urges women to do more sport? If not, may I suggest you do so straightaway?

I loved the honesty of the video. It is refreshing to see the flab, the sweat and the cellulite on the women. Isn’t it great to see a motley group of ladies just having a great time and giving it their all? And a rare sight it is too. Little wonder that the video has become a huge viral hit as it seems to have resonated with thousands of people.

Now, turn down the volume and play the video back. Does it have the same kind of zing to it? What a honking, stonking humdinger of a choice Missy Elliot’s song is to convey just the right amount of sassiness and don’t-give-a-damniness.

And even if the only thing it made you do, was dance at your desk (because, you know, you really, really are going to start exercising tomorrow, promise!), then its job is done.

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