Back To School

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I spent all of last week at the National Film & TV School in Beaconsfield. Back in 2013, NFTS was voted the top film school in the world in a poll that included nearly 60 other institutions from around the world. And I can see why. Last week I learnt how to direct documentaries without once picking up the camera.

It was the kind of course where we talked and discussed and disagreed and dissected our respective documentary story ideas until a lean, tight and robust story danced out the paper demanding to be realised. The course has left me feeling at once exhausted and exalted.

What’s even better about the entire experience is that my place was funded by a grant that believes in backing more women and other under-represented groups in forging a career in digital story-telling. It’s this kind of faith that I draw upon when the going is tough and the tunnel long and dark.

I can barely wait to begin shooting again. I have a new client (well, an old client but a new project) for which I am to start shooting in two weeks’ time and I am looking forward to put all of my learning to good use.

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