So, What Do You Do?

I am not a shy or a retiring person, normally. But when confronted with the aforementioned question, I used to get very flummoxed. I used to go into a right tizzy, mumble something and then jump rather awkwardly to talk about the weather. Because when the question is asked, I would wonder if I should tell them about this social enterprise project – – that I have been managing for a few years or the new one which I have revived after a hiatus? Should I explain the reason for the sabbatical? Will they wonder how I fill the hours of my day? Will they assume that I fill my child-free hours watching Jeremy Kyle (once on the main channel and once on the +1)? Should I nip that last question in the bud and state out loud how much I dislike day time telly? Should I mention all three voluntary positions I hold so they don’t think I am wasting my time? Like I said, I would get very anxious and tie myself in knots over an innocuous question. But gradually, almost imperceptibly, I have started to refine and trim and hone my answer when posed with the question about what I do.

The past few months, I found that one of the best ways of refining my goals and gaining clarity with my work was to say it out loud. Almost like a affirmation. In other words, I actively go and seek places where I am asked what it is that I do. I have signed up to networking meetings and the more meetings I attend, the most certain I become of what I do.

I tell people that I make corporate videos and promotional videos for small and micro businesses and charities. I try not to flinch or be dismissive about what I do. I try to look at the person (or people) in the eye when I say this. I try to smile and be as slow as possible when I explain it. This is how I think I do it. Perhaps I am still bumbling through it all but I am working on it.

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