The Waiting Game

It is not easy being a start-up. When the client’s approval matters so much more than it should. And your own limited track record means that you lack the authority…yet. It can be frustrating when the approval takes its time getting to you. As it is happening with me right now.

It has been precisely 28 hours since I sent a piece of work to a client seeking feedback and I am yet to hear anything except deafening silence. I have twiddled thumbs, chewed nails, drummed fingers and (I admit) checked my email ever-so-regularly in the hope that the client would have had a chance to go through the work and get back to me. But so far no luck.

In the back of my mind, I am also preparing myself for the contingency that it is not going to be a very positive response. After all, if it is taking so long to come through, chances are, the promo was not up to scratch. But, it could well be that the client has been super busy and has not had a chance to spend six minutes going through the edit and feed back to me. What would you do if you were in my shoes?

Would you assume that a delay in feedback means that the client is not happy with the work? Or would you actually wait until you hear from them to know for sure? Harder though it may be, I am going to wait (and perhaps even drop a prodding email later) for a response from the client before assuming the worst.

Update: 96 nail-bitten hours later, this arrives from the client – “This is lovely! Thank you so much – it’s a really dynamic piece that beautifully captures the project”

Needless to say, I am mightily relieved and so are the nails or the mortal remains of what may have once been them.

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